Monday, October 5, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

A weekly segment in which I interview some young pup on what they are reading.

YFNL: Why, hello, Miss. I noticed that you are reading one of my favorite books, The book that eats people by the amazingly talented Ann Arborite, John Perry and illustrated by Mark Fearing.

Young Miss: Yes, I am.

YFNL: I wonder if you would mind if I interviewed you about the book.

Young Miss: I would not mind at all.

YFNL: For the purposes of our interview, I will allow you to choose an alias so as to prevent weirdos from reading this and knowing your identity. What alias would you like to choose?

Young Miss: I choose Your Friendly Neighborhood Weirdo.

YFNL: Are you mocking me?

YFNW: Maybe.

YFNL: Can you tell me a little bit about The book that eats people?

YFNW: This book is about a book that you should never read while eating food. If you do, it will eat. you. up.

YFNL: What is your favorite part?

YFNW: My favorite part is when the book eats Victoria Glassford after hitting her over the head.

YFNL: A fan of violence are we?

YFNW: Quite.

YFNL: How do you feel about the illustrations in the book?

YFNW: I like how the illustrations look like they are cut out of newspapers.

YFNL: To whom would you recommend this book or would you recommend it at all?

YFNW: I would recommend this book to my annoying brother.

YFNL: Are you hoping that the book eats him?

YFNW: Yes.

YFNL: Well, thank you for agreeing to my interview. I bid you a lovely day.

YFNW: See ya.


the 100th Monkey Studio said...

Loved the interview! Keep up the great work!
~the monkeys

btep1 said...

Which local librarian are you?

I'm glad you like the book.